Saturday, March 24, 2007

A John Collier-ism

Setting: D'Angelo's restaurant. Boys acting crazy and misbehaving. Lemonade spillage, straw papers flying around while the waiter is trying to take the order. Collier has had enough.

Collier: "John Collier! You need to settle down right now. We are in a nice restaurant and you need to sit down and behave like a big boy!"

John Collier: (pauses to reflect on his Dad's instruction): "Daddy? When can we go to a mean restaurant?!"

How can you do anything but laugh?!?!

And, here's my little Brooks...doesn't say much, but he is so funny!! :) He will talk with you one on one, but other than that, he doesn't have much to say...probably because his big brother has much to say for him!!

And then, there's this little guy...we haven't met him yet, but he should be arriving shortly!

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