Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Watsons {Baton Rouge Child and Family Photographer}

Love this family!!!  I love getting to photograph families repeatedly over the years....and this family was no exception!  I absolutely love to watch how the families grow...and getting the opportunity to capture these moments.  Thank you, Watson family, for another wonderful session!

Monkey see, Monkey do!  Avery wanted to imitate me, so she went inside and grabbed Mom's camera - it was tough to get her to put it down, but these made for precious photographs! :)

Ya' think we're done?! :)  Yeah, I'd say so!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meet Caleb {Baton Rouge Newborn and Child Photographer}

I loved photographing baby Caleb - what a sweet, tiny baby he was, and so easy to photograph!  He was such a delight, as were his 2 big sisters.  He is so loved by them...what a lucky little man! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gill Family {Baton Rouge Child and Family Photographer}

I was so excited to photograph the Gill family again - this time with a little addition - little Lucas!  And see that little lady at the top of my blog on the far left?  Yep, that's Sidney about 2 years ago - she has grown up so much!  Thank you, Gill family, for trusting me to capture your sweet family!

Vince {Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer}

Meet teeny tiny Vince - such a cute, tiny bundle!  He was so good for his first photo session!!  And big sister, Vivienne, unfortunately, wanted nothing to do with me or taking photos! :(  But, I still love the image of her looking out the window at the birds. :)

The Moroux Family {Baton Rouge Child and Family Photographer}

Yes, I know - I'm so behind on blogging!  Forgive me!  It's been so hectic and busy over here that I've had to put some things aside.  I am so extremely blessed with the work load, so I'm not complaining!

Up next is sweet Miss Olivia - could this little lady be any more beautiful?!  I just adore this age when babies are just starting to sit up and you really start to get those genuine smiles!  She was just too sweet and was the perfect subject to photograph.  Mom and Dad love her just a touch! :)

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