Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a GIRL!

We just couldn't believe it...no, not the fact that Renee had a baby girl, but that she didn't let ANYONE find out what she was having! It was a killer! I hated not knowing...especially since she has 2 sweet little boys already. Was it a boy? Was it a girl? Since Adrienne has 3 boys, I knew how much fun it would be for my sweet friend to have the same - but I also knew how much she would love having a girl...and she did. It was SO fun, I must admit, the anticipation of waiting to find out what "it" was. I arrived at the hospital about an hour or so before she delivered with her family and close friends waiting in the waiting room. Garrett, her oldest, came up to me with a clipboard with a Girl column and a Boy column...we had to sign our names under what we thought it would be - I guessed a girl! After waiting for close to an hour, Andy came to get Garrett so that he could deliver the news to us...he was exhausted and a little emotional, so Andy waived us into the room. When we got into the room with Renee holding the baby, Garrett got to say, "It's a girl!" We all just screamed and jumped and were just so excited to meet Aubrey Elizabeth.

Awaiting the word: Girl or Boy?
Her newborn shoot: about 6 days old. Here with big brothers Garrett and Mac.

And, here is her birth announcement!

Front: (white background)

It folds open from left to right...here is the inside:

And the back:

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