Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas cards

Here are some additional samples of Christmas cards. If you go to my website at and click on Client Proofing, enter the word "samples" into the Album passcode section to pull up past designs that I have created. Below are some of my recent designs for 2008. These designs can be recreated exactly, but they are also meant to be used as inspiration for your custom design. You may like certain elements, colors, etc. of some of my cards, but wish to change the layout. Remember that I work with you on the custom design. Can you tell that I am really into POLKA DOTS and FLOURISHES this year?!?! :) More to come!



Thursday, September 11, 2008

I know, I's been a WHILE!

What can I say?! I've been's a good thing, I promise! Well, most days, it's a good thing. I have been super busy with photoshoots and trying to stay caught up during this hectic Christmas season...yes, this is Christmas season for me as a photographer because everyone wants their pictures by the beginning of December for Christmas cards, gifts, etc. So, I am incredibly busy, booked for the year (unless you don't need your pics in time for Christmas), so I am trying to stay caught up. Hurricane Gustav didn't help matters...left me without a computer for about a week. Anyway, here are the latest...this tiny tot is already a year old...MY how time flies...truly, it does! I took Grant's infant photos, and now he is a year old!

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