Friday, November 30, 2007

Just some pics... I know that no one who reads this blog is all that interested in what I have to say, so I'll make this short and sweet and just post some of my latest pics! :)

Brooks and his LSU pride...

The Dement Family - Precious family that gathered from Texas, Oklahoma, and Baton Rouge to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The Rozas Family - Family of 5, including a set of 8 year old triplets, Kai, Ellie, and Camille. I've known these kids...well, since they were in the womb! I hadn't seen them since they were about 3...and now they're 8! So grown up! This was my 2nd set of triplets to shoot...the other set that I shot live right around the cornerfrom New Orleans, nonetheless! What a small world we live in.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Smith Family

The Kip and Charlotte Smith family, that is! Oh, it's been a long awaited post for this family...I've been pestered and proded to post some of these pictures, and I am proud to say, that this shoot is DONE! Charlotte, it will be sitting in your mailbox when you get back the way...HURRY HOME!! :) This family is so photogenic! Just look at those kids...Will and Campbell. They were quite excited to take their pictures...Campbell more so than Will, but most little girls seem to be more excited to pose for the camera than little boys. Here are some of my favorites (there were many!):


Yes, I know, I've been MIA. Of course, I've been super busy, but I've SLOWLY been catching up! Here's the latest!

The Beadles...Garrett and Mac

Cousins, Adrienne and Paul:

The Cassard Family:

More to come later! Not TOO much later, though! :) Will this tie you over for a little while, Amy?? :)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween pics!

I'm finally getting around to uploading pics of my nephews on Halloween. Adrienne and Collier took the boys to Adrienne's BFF Kristy's house to trick-or-treat with her girls, Maggie Kate and Molly. They are SO PRECIOUS! :) John Collier was "an inja" turtle, Brooks was "Spidaman" and Graham was a precious pumpkin!! Maggie Kate is Minnie Mouse and Molly was a Snow Princess. She wasn't very excited about putting on her costume when it was time to get dressed, but once she realized there was candy involved, she was all for it! Molly and Brooks were the slower trick-or-treaters...Maggie Kate and John Collier would run from house to house and we kept having to tell them to slow down for the little ones! LOL! :) It was a fun evening had by all!

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