Thursday, April 10, 2008

He's 11 months!

Okay, so in a couple of days, Graham will be 1 year old (on April 13!). But, in these pictures, the precious pie is 11 months! He stayed with me for the day, so I was able to grab him (sort of) for his 11 month photo shoot! These were all taken at my house - I love him sitting in that red rocking chair - he just looks like a BIG BOY! :) I was SO wishing for my camera today when I took him out of the tub - I didn't know this was one of his *tricks* but he would hold the towel in front of his face and yank it down with this expectant look on his there began the endless, "Where's Grahamy?! THERE HE IS!! Where's Grahamy?! THERE HE IS!!" Yes, I was tired after the first 12 times of doing this, but I just couldn't resist that face and that giggle everytime I *found* him!

I just LOVE THE CURLS he's starting to get!! And, he's getting more!

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