Everyone should do something for which they are truly passionate.  For me, that's photography.  Photography truly is my passion!  But, it's more than the physical act of holding a camera and clicking a button.  It's about capturing a relationship between a husband and wife, a sister and brother, or a toddler and her favorite baby doll.  It's about capturing that quirky trait of your preteen.  It's about giving a family something to look back on in 30 years to bring them right back to "that" moment that was captured in a photograph.  I strive to capture this for you...well, as much as I can in a one hour session!

My style of photography is natural all the way: natural lighting, natural enviornment, natural expressions.  You know those natural expressions, right?  That crinkle-nosed giggle, the "deep in thought" blank stare, and even the occasional tantrum!  I am not out to create the "flawless traditional portrait."  Life isn't flawless, and I am looking to capture your life as it is in the everyday.  So, leave the perfect clothes and hair at home!  Come as you are...perfectly imperfect.

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