Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm on a roll...

...lookout! I'm beginning to catch up! :)

This session was quite hectic - and all because of me! I was getting off the interstate, near a construction site, and I hit a large cement rock in the road and it immediately flattened my tire. Luckily I was pulling into the photo shoot location, but I had to drive a good ways down a gravel road with a very flat tire to get there. Then, my brand new car came WITHOUT the proper key to replace the tire with my spare (this is per the Pop-a-Lock guy), so I had to get the car towed - all while trying to do this session. The Banks family was SO patient and little Harrison was so cooperative, which is a miracle, considering his age. So, the session went very smoothly, with a few bumps in the road - literally - to get there! Thank you, Banks family!!

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