Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Groves Family {Louisville Child and Family Photographer}

The wait is over, are your sneak peeks! Hopefully, this will appease you until I can get all of your images edited - there are a lot! :)

I think we might be getting to the stage with these boys when they see me coming, they just might want to run the other way. When I come over, it usually means one thing: picture time!! Hunter and Hayden actually did very well, and even cousin Ella did extremely well. She was SO excited to jump in the pictures and couldn't have been a better subject - oh, the precious faces she would make. And those blue eyes - to die for! I have a thing for blue eyes, and they've all got 'em. I look at Amy when editing her pictures and just think it's not fair to have eyes that beautiful - not to mention, she is extremely photogenic.

Thanks, guys, for another great session! Enjoy!

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