Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Tyler {Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer}

I'm back from my photo session trip to DC and Louisville, and I can't wait to get started editing those pics - but lots to come before then!  Due to traveling and a little food poisoning here and there, I am quite behind.  But, I am steadily catching up, and I appreciate all of my clients that are so very patient!

Here is Baby Tyler, about a week old here...and big sister Mackenzie couldn't have been any cuter!  I think she really likes the camera!  I photographed Mackenzie when she was born - and it seems like that was about a week ago.  Tyler's Daddy is a huge sports fan, so the first picture was by request from him!   :)


Anonymous said...

I love the one where they big sissy is looking over at baby sweet!!! Love his facial expression.

Meghan said...

Cutest kids ever!!! Love you Kenzie and Tyler!!! Xoxoxo love, Nanny Meghan:)

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