Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Borne Family {Louisiana Newborn Photographer}

One year.  That is how long it's been since I've blogged.  Pitiful, I know.  I was recently told by a client that she was afraid I wasn't in the photography game any longer because I haven't posted to my blog in so long.  Whoopsie...nope, I'm still here, busy as ever, just completely neglecting this blog.

I won't bore you lots of commentary, because let's face're probably just here to see pretty pictures, not to read a soliloquy on the events taking place during a session.  So, I'll just entertain you with the cliff notes.  Enjoy :)


This is my 2nd session with the Borne family....our first session was with 2 year old Cecilia at the Country Club of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.  Soon after, Cecilia became a big sister to Conrad.  I traveled to Covington to photograph this new family of 4.

If you have followed my photography over the years, you may have noticed my style of newborn photography has changed over the years.  What began as a forced, posed style of shooting (which I love and have an appreciation for), has just evolved into a more natural, lifestyle approach.  I try not to worry with getting everything perfect (sort of), but my goal is to photograph the new family in their own environment, just interacting as naturally as possible (with a camera in their face!).  This family had such wonderful lighting in their home, which is pure gold to a natural light, in-home photographer!

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Cochrane0123 said...

Do you have a digitizing service? I just had all of my parent's wedding photos transferred to a digital format with ScanDigital. It's so great to not have to worry about them deteriorating.

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