Friday, October 13, 2006

More NYC!

Adrienne is about 12 weeks pregers #3 will be here in mid-April! :) The Subway was quite an experience for Kasey...she learned it, though! Now, she'll be able to get around Manhattan when she goes next year!

So Adrienne, Kasey, and I went on the Manhattan TV and Movie tour. It was so fun...they took us around the city in a bus and showed us where they filmed movies and TV shows and even where some of the stars actually live. These pics were taken in front of the "Friends" building and the Huxtable house from the Cosby Show! How fun is that?!?

Kasey and I also fed the horse that took us on a tour of Central Park! (The horse driver guy made us do that...can you tell we were a little squeam-ish about feeding the horse?!?)

*Are you happy now, Charlotte??? "Can you hear me now?!" teeheehee!*

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Charlotte said...

Yes... thanks for new pix... love the picture of the subway... can you come with us to Disney in February and be our family photographer?!?!

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