Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Rea Family

Twins! Twin boys! Twin 6 year old boys!!! Oh my...these 2 mischievious little boys, Dylan and Nicholas, belong to my boss Traci and her husband Josh. They were so funny! They told Traci that they thought they looked like "freaks" because they were all dressed alike! While trying to get some "real life" shots of them just playing, I sometimes just say something to make them look up. Well, they were digging for acorns, and I told Dylan, "Look, I found some over here!" so of course, he looked up and I got the shot. So, when trying to pull the same stunt on Nicholas, Dylan quickly jumped in and said, "Don't look up! She's just trying to take your picture!" I got the biggest kick out of that, but I don't think Traci found it as funny as I did!! :)

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