Friday, January 30, 2009

Little Snow Bunny

I just returned last night from spending almost a week in Louisville with the Smith and Godthaab families - it wasn't planned that way, but we had a little ice storm come through that changed my travel plans for the rest of the week. Following the ice storm came a beautiful snow truly was gorgeous - just a blanket of white covering everything. When I left EARLY in the morning on Thursday, it was still dark out. There were lots of street lights out, but the glow of car headlights made every frozen tree look like it was literally made of crystal...just spectacular...really, really gorgeous!

So, since I was there with this beautiful snow and camera in tow, I just HAD to capture some the Smiths were my guinea pigs. Isn't Evie precious with her little pink crocheted hat that Ms. Beth gave her for Christmas (that's me - I'm Ms. Beth to the Smith kids).And sweet Evie girl with her Momma! I love these pictures of them!

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