Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Beadle Family {Baton Rouge Family Photographer}

Man, I've been on a blog ROLL, if I do say so myself!!

How many times have I photographed a member of the Beadle family?  Too many to count!
It all started here and here.  These were in 2006, when the Beadle family was only a family of 3!
And then this happened.  And the Beadle family became a family of 4!  And then he turned one.

And then, there were 5...when this bundle of joy came along in December 2008.  She turned 3 months in March 2009.  (sorry, never posted those!):

Now, the little tot is 6 months old!  Here she is, along with her 2 
brothers...Garrett now 6 and Mac, 22 months.  (Seriously, is there anything cuter than this little girl in a bonnet???)

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Mandi said...

Nice images and such cute children

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