Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Newborn photo shoot - TIMES 4!

How have I gone so long without posting these photos??? Yep, they're Quads! The Lambe Quads were born in Phoenix, AZ and live here in Baton Rouge. Since I work from home, I often have my TV on as background noise. I happened to be paying attention to the 12:00 news one day and learned that these Quads were a Baton Rouge family. Since I love babies and children so much, I wanted to jump in and help. Then, it dawned on me that perhaps I could offer something more - a photo session! After learning that this family attends a local church with some of my Bible Study girlfriends, I knew that they had many hands to help when the babies got home...this confirmed my desire to offer a photo session for them. I've always prayed that God would show me ways to use the talents He's given me in order to glorify Him.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to photograph these precious babies!!  1 girl, Sloan, and 3 identical boys, Rocco, Madden and Jagger.  They were 3 months at the time of this photo shoot and were the approximate size of large newborns.  They weren't quite as pliable and moldable as newborn are, but we definitely made it work.  And by we, I mean Chantelle and myself.  I could NOT have done this photo shoot without her help!!  We work so well together - especially with the newborns.  She'll pose, I'll shoot, then we'll swap.  Like a well oiled machine!  Thanks, my girl - love ya!


Erin said...

Amazing job Ashley Beth! Girl I bet you were SWEATING shooting quads! I've only done twins before and I was completely worn out afterwards! I honestly felt like I ran a marathon. These are all incredible! You did a fantastic job. Keep up the good work!

Karen said...

awesome! i love these!

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