Friday, January 08, 2010

Another Smith family! {Baton Rouge family and child photographer}

This Smith family came to me in October or November...actually, I came to them several months ago! It's a long story, but basically, my computer crashed - completely - couldn't do a thing with it. I reached out to Facebook for some help...a friend who lives very close by had a neighbor who was a computer guru and surely he could help...and did he ever! He was able to recover EVERYTHING! It was really by the grace of God that my information was retrieved...he literally tried everything and around 1 am, he decided to try "one more thing." Turns out, that one more thing saved my life! So, I had to repay him the best way I could, which is hardly a reflection of the greatness of my gratitude. But, I gave their family a session. Such a sweet family, and I am so glad to have met them! Thank you again, Smith family!!

*Soon after this instance, I purchased a Mac...go Mac! :)

I also loved their Christmas card! :)

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Dana C. Voss Photography said...

Very nice, and I just love the Christmas card!

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