Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas - from my clients!

As promised, here are the Christmas card samples from the cards I did this year!  I love Christmas cards, Birth announcements....any kind of paper crafting, I absolutely love!  So, to combine photography with the 2 is heavenly for me - you should see my kitchen board and fridge decorated with Christmas cards from loved ones!

Thank you to each and every one of my clients - you have made this year so special!  It truly is an honor and a privilege to photograph your families during these memorable years that go by far too quickly.

Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

*As a side note, I know it's early, but I am beginning to book for early Spring - email me soon if you'd like to be put on the books!*

The Auxt Family:

The Currie Family:

The Damann Family:

 The Godthaab Family:

The Hodges:

The Smith Family:

The Saunders Family:

The Grezaffi Family:

The Banks Family:

The Thornton Family (My Nephews!!):
5x5 trifold

Harrison Smith:

Holden Smith:

Evie Smith:

The Mascari Family:

The Odom Family:

The Beadle Family:
5x5 tri-fold

The Groves Family:
5x5 Vertical Tri-fold

The Noto Family:

The Waguespack Family:

The Lee Family (My sister and brother-in-law!):


brittany said...

These are so beautiful Ashley! I love each and every card. Especially the photography!

Girl with Smile said...

You are an amazing photographer and my favorite was the newborn baby that had their arms cute!!

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