Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Red Couch...2010 {Louisville Child and Family Photographer}

If you missed THIS post, start there!  Anna, never to be outdone, sent this poem back to Fran!

Red couch, red couch,
It is sure to appear...
Never too early,
But before the new year.

In a field, by a building,
In an old run down place...
You just never know
What scene we will make.

Some say it is silly,
But we say surely not…
A Smith family tradition,
Three years ago we bought.

It came to the house,
All dusty and sad…
We gave it new life,
And it makes us glad.

We sit and we laugh,
And some of us cry…
Mom gets all giddy,
And the children ask why?

Just work with me here,
And do as I say…
Just take the darn picture,
And then you can play.

Now see look there,
The pictures are sweet…
And oh, are you kidding,
A picture of your feet?

So now you must wonder,
What has she done this time around...
A few balls in the air,
But red couch on the ground.

It’s getting quite old,
And so are we...
But we simply can’t part,

With red couch you see.

To a new house we will go,
And room we must make...
For red couch goes too,
Our gem we must take.

But coming soon to you,
Our look for the year…
What we hope is very special,
And brings you much cheer!


The Smith Family and I headed out to this amazing place across the river from Louisville in Indiana.  It was so quirky and fun, and unfortunately, we got there a little too late in the day to really take advantage of all the fun spots to take photographs.  But, we did get quite a few precious ones!

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