Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

So, every year, we go to "Breakfast with Santa" at the Country's so cute to see all the little kids get so excited when Santa comes down the drive to the club in a horse-drawn sleigh. (Except, this year, I think they were ponies or a donkey, or something...I wasn't close enough). They all run out on the balcony to see him coming...Graham had to fight his way in there, but he made it.Anyway, John Collier and Brooks were SO excited to see Santa and tell him what they wanted. Graham, well, I don't know if he ever got close enough for us to really see how he felt about Santa...because by the time we were done eating and went downstairs to take pictures, Graham was in his was past his naptime, and we couldn't get him to stop "bucking" in our arms enough to put him on Santa's lap - crying or not.

So, here is John Collier telling Santa what he wants for Christmas, and Brooks listening intently in case John Collier mentions something that he hasn't thought of yet and can ask Santa for as well.
And here is the two of them proudly posing with Santa...minus one child...
...what was he doing?

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