Sunday, December 28, 2008

Newborn LOVE

I am in love with photographing newborns! I took these pictures of Baby Elle yesterday...she was SO sweet and SO easy to work with! But, that was because she was only 6 days old! I will get to play with another newborn next week!! YAY!! :) He or she will be born on Tuesday...hurry up, Renee. I guess we should say hurry up Baby Beadle!

*If you are interested in newborn photographs, PLEASE contact me BEFORE the baby is born! I must take the pictures within the first 10 days of life to get the desired look. After this point, they don't sleep as easily and they don't "mold" as easily! I'm only half kidding when I say to call me on your way home from the hospital.


Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

These are SO gorgeous! I just love the first one and the ones on white are so sweet. Great job!

Julie Justice Gould said...

I love these pictures. When I look at your photographs they are so pure, the light looks so clean. Your white balance is perfect. There is just something that my eyes loves about your work.

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