Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gorgeous Family!

You should be seeing a lot of samples from what I've been up to busiest Christmas season BY FAR!!! I will also be posting the custom-made cards that I did this year for Christmas, but I wanted to wait until everyone had sent them out before posting. I'll be picking up on posting my favorites from past sessions, but I couldn't wait to post these...
I seriously could take pictures of this family all day! Especially little Miss Priss Pot, Emma...she is a photographer's dream! She often had that natural "head cock" thing going on, and we had to get her to stop doing that in ALL of the pics, but it was just so cute!! And Mr. Man, William - what a doll!! Didn't want to leave his Daddy's side, so I got some cute ones with Daddy...and then managed to get a few of him by himself! That smile! He's gonna break some hearts, I can feel it! I feel sorry for Mom - how is she going to choose??
This totally says, "I'm SO trying not to smile!"

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