Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Baby Owen {Zachary, LA Newborn Photographer}

Meet baby Owen!  It's definitely baby season for me right now with lots of newborns to come.  Owen did so well for his first photo shoot!  The entire family was there too "ooh and ahh" over Owen.  Owen's aunt reminds me a lot of myself.  As someone with no children of my own, I dote over my nephews as though they were my own (I would regardless if I had children or not!).  So Gretchen definitely reminded me of myself taking care of Owen, holding him, loving very sweet.  Before long, Gretchen will be holding "gummie" candies as hostage until Owen comes over to give her hugs and kisses!  Or, this could just be the case in my family! :)   He's a lucky little boy with so many to love (and spoil!) him!  Congrats F family!

This one below cracks me up!  It's as though he's saying "I'm done!" :)

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