Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Toups Family {New Orleans Child and Family Photographer}

Here is the Toups family again!  I get to photograph this family about twice a year.  The last time I photographed them, little William was just days old - he's getting so big!  Stephanie wanted a "New Orleans" feel to the images, so what better place to scream NOLA than the French Quarter?!

I absolutely love the humor in this picture below.  While we were photographing the family in the French Quarter, a man came up behind us while we were all trying to get baby William to smile.  He simply asked if we could give him directions.  When we turned around, we realized it was Stephanie's Dad!  He spotted us on his coffee run, but the funny part is that he had no idea we were there photographing and Stephanie didn't realize they were still in town after attending a wedding the night before!  So, before the shoot was done, we had to get him walking in the background as though he was a pedestrian!  HA!  We were glad to have him on hand to make the kids laugh. :)

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